Hello my name is Brock and I am the owner here at SUFO Films. I am here today to not only tell you, but show you why every wedding needs a videographer. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. But when it comes to video there isn’t enough words to describe its worth. That is because knowing a true love story is SEEING a true love story. There is so much that goes on on your wedding day and it goes by in a second. Literally everything you invest in for that day goes away except the video and photos. These are the only way to remember your day. Every traditional bride thinks they only need photos from their wedding day because that’s how its been for the longest time. But I can guarantee you that the new age is coming where video is prevalent in remembering your day.

You feel something different from a photo and a video. You see and connect to a photo. BUT you truly relive a moment by watching a video. The sounds, the music, the dialogue hits a feeling in your heart and soul like nothing else ever could. Now picture yourself 60 years from now. You’re pulling out the photos from your wedding and you are trying to remember what you said in your vows, or what your father said in his speech. Photos can’t give you this. Video can. You can truly relive your wedding day and even more, you can truly remember your love story.

Thats where we come in. We help couples relive their love story through beautiful films. Life is full of distractions that can cause you to lose hope or to not see your partner in the same light. That honeymoon phase just goes away and life hits you. That’s why it is our job to show your love in the best way it can be shown so through any obstacle they can sit down and remember why they fell in love. Love is the most powerful word ever felt or shown to another individual and I am a huge believer in not only love but forever love.

This is why you need a wedding film. Find room in the budget. Make it happen. And invest in lifetime memories. Because with video, you can relive your wedding day over and over. Watch a couple of our videos that truly showcase a couple’s love story.